Our Aim

We (artists David Cass & Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar) met in 2014 in Spain and started A La Luz soon after. Our mission was to work with artists – those who shared our own sensibilities – on film, photography & documentary projects. We also collaborated as a pair, shooting film around Europe. Our work was bound by a preoccupation with the environment around us, as it is today.

Just as the Climate Crisis can only be tackled collectively, so too must this art project be inclusive and collaborative in its nature. The aim of A La Luz – which translates from the Spanish as “spotlight”, “bringing to light” or “shedding light on” – is to be platform for creative voices who speak of our planet’s state. In raising awareness through the production of art, we are presenting our concern, care and desire to influence change in the most direct way that we can.

We intend to share, promote, act as a reference tool and to some extent to be a compendium of creative responses to climate change, guided by those we’re inspired by, and those whose paths we cross. This includes all art forms, from painting to architecture; and from theatre to literature.

We will also share research materials – blog posts, articles, scientific papers, creative texts – as well as book and film recommendations on the topic. Article proposals are always welcome.

We believe that art carries a responsibility, that accessibility is vital and that in this day and age creatives – who have been afforded a platform – must be mindful of what’s happening to the Earth around them. This doesn’t mean that we believe all art-forms should discuss the environment, rather, that artists must consider their processes, their material choices and the ways in which they present their message. The footprint and processes of everything we share here is considered, as are our own actions in bringing our work together.

David Cass

Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar Romero